Women hold up half the sky

Last Sunday was just crazy great. Have you ever walked into a room full of strangers and just felt… at home? Like you actually knew these people since ever and they even speak a different language than you do? Yeah, I suppose it doesn’t happen that often. But it happened to a group of people few days ago. My friend Riikka who is the co-founder and editor in chief of a fantastic Finnish-language magazine Huili (subscribe! it’s so good!) realized one day that most of her friends are entrepreneurs. Women entrepreneurs as a matter of fact. So she invited all of them for a brunch in her home to share stories, advice and just you know, have fun and eat something good. It’s very rare that you click with people so instantly. Just few sentences and you know you could be battlefield comrades. Which we all are, in a way. Navigating the jungle of taxes, bookkeeping, suppliers, payrolls, marketing… “Oneself sailor, a helm, a ship”.  As we were sharing our stories it became apparent that for most of us it was the transition to motherhood that inspired us to look for freedom and test the waters on our own. It was amazing that it was like this for almost all of us. We all walked out from that meeting with batteries fully charged and ready to change the world. Stuff is going to happen, these ladies are unstoppable. There was also a common theme of stripy clothing (as you can see in the photos) which was totally spontaneous. So here they are, women who hold up half the sky as the old Chinese proverb says:

Niina- owner and founder of Anton & Anton

Noora- blogger behind Kemikaalicocktail 

Keiju- co-owner of HIMA.happiness

Pauliina and Tanja- co-funders and producers of crowdfunding platform Mesenatti and people behind Siivouspäiva

Ida- content designer and owner of Sisus

It was SO inspiring to meet. Oh, and the food was great. Kale chips, blinis, apples from own orchard, scones, fresh juice… Mmm. Can we do it again?

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