Oh Lapland, my Lapland

I love traveling, I love new places, trying new types of food, meeting new people, seeing new landscapes. I thrive on change and newness. But there is that one place. Our mökki- summer cottage in the depths of Kuusamo forests. Up, up, up in the North of Finland. We don’t go there often- it’s kinda far (more than 800km) and car drive with two kids and a dog can be kinda annoying. But if we don’t go there for long enough, my heart starts aching. Longing for the simplicity of life in a log cabin, in the woods near the lake. There are no neighbors. There is no running water. And there are the routines. Each time we go there, we do the same stuff. Every day starts with outdoor breakfast- just some coffee brewed over the fire, quickly roasted bacon on rye bread and leipäjuusto with jam. For dinner we try to fish. Almost always we only manage to catch some ridiculously small creatures and release them. Then, as our attempts at being self-sustainable fail, we go and eat burgers in that one place in Ruka . They are like huuuge. And delicious. But OK, burgers every day wouldn’t be such a great idea, so we only do it once. On other days we make this type of one-pot meal. Lots of veggies, beans and a can of reindeer or moose meat (just because we are almost in Lapland)- all mixed in a big iron pot and put over a fire. Deliciousness. I never even try to make it at home, it just wouldn’t be the same. On some days we venture into one of the area’s nature/ national parks. Evenings don’t really exist at this latitude, so sauna/ washing lasts for hours and hours. Then a quick trip around the lake before midnight (just because it’s possible) and off to sleep.

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