Luxury and why you need it

One of the ways we can start to experience more affluence in our daily lives is through pampering ourselves with affordable luxuries. Adding real whipped cream and shaved chocolate to a cup of cocoa to be drunk before the fire, it transforms a simple pleasure into complete contentment. Affordable luxuries awaken our awareness to the abundance that’s readily available to us once we finally get it.” -Sarah Ban Breathnach

The Universe is not stingy. We are. Some of us have very stingy souls. Perhaps not in how we treat others: our family, friends, and those less fortunate but in how we treat ourselves. Yet how can Spirit give more to us if our fists, hearts, and minds are clenched tight?” -Sarah Ban Breathnach

Last week I was professionally photographed by a photographer extraordinaire Nani Annette. It was… nothing short of amazing. I have to admit, I’ve been stingy with one aspect of photography. My family is photographed beautifully by yours truly, we have an amazing record of our everyday life, of our travels and adventures. I print those photos in fantastic books, hang pictures on the walls, send them to our families and so on. There is one problem- I’m in maybe 2% of the pictures. I’m the ghost behind the lens. One day as I wrote my “About” page (finally!) I realized I would really need a picture there. I mean, photographer’s website without a good portrait of said photographer? Phew. So, first I tried to do it with my own means. Stingy. Self portraits, husband holding the camera, tripods, oh well. Stingy. After the results have been, ehem, less than satisfactory I decided I have to call professional help and I will just write it off as a business cost. So my friend and colleague Nani came over with her assortment of gear and we set off to shoot. Johanna came over to document a photographer taking photos of a photographer 😀 We also laughed a lot, ate some hummus, drank a lot of tea and coffee and tickled my baby. It was a great, great day. And then in the evening of the same day Nani sent me a sneak-peak. Just few pictures that she liked the most. Oh dear. I just felt that everything is possible, that I’m beautiful and happy… I couldn’t sleep the whole night. I blamed it on the full moon, but it was just sheer excitement from looking at amazing photos of myself. It no longer felt as a “business cost”. It felt as an amazing gift.

Funny thing is, this is EXACTLY what my clients say after they view the pictures from their session. I just never realized it feels THAT great. So I really now want to shout from the rooftops: find a photographer who’s work you love, who’s work moves you, touches your soul and just pamper yourself. It’s a cliche, maybe, but you and your family are so worth it. When you see the photos, you will cry and laugh and jump. You will love them and cherish them. You will see just how much you love each other and how beautiful you are.  What’s even better, ten or twenty years from now, as you curl on a sofa with your loved ones and open that beautiful album you will not even remember how much you spent on it. You will feel pampered.

So this is me. Karba as seen by Nani. Thank you my friend. +358 405 067 929