Dom na Orkana

Allow me to get personal now and overload you with pictures. I went to visit my family home last week. It’s in Poland, small town called Zabkowice Slaskie, which in itself has a very interesting history. But that will have to wait. My home. Dom na Orkana (meaning “house on Orkana street”, but it feels somehow strange for me to say it in English). Over the years it kind of turned into this family nest kind of place. My Grandparents bought it in the 60s, so my Mom and her Sis grew up there. Then it became a three-generation place- Grandparents, my Mom and her family. And now also my Sis lives there, with her son. So it’s four generations now and the house just stretches its walls. Kind of. What really happens is that it just becomes more chaotic, messier and louder as time passes 😀 Whenever I come over with my family we just contribute to the chaos. We are this strange family of wanderers. My Grandma’s three brothers emigrated to Canada. Her Sister was a nun, moving to different places all the time. Then my Aunt Lidia (Mom’s sister) moved to USA with her family. And I live in Finland. This time Lidia, her son Szymon and me with kids visited at the same time. It was a very special occasion- the senior of the family and center of it all, my Babcia (Grandma) turned 85. She knew that I’m coming with the kids, but she had absolutely no clue that Lidia and Szymon (her daughter and grandson) are coming as well to celebrate. It was so special, she was really moved to tears. Then we had this big family gathering with lots of food, kids running around, people talking.

It’s a very busy place, that dom na Orkana. Even without celebration like that there are people visiting all the time. Friends-and-Relations. No need to make special dates and arrangements, people just ring the door bell when passing by. There is always tea and cookies. Somebody brings wine. Someone else is served schabowy (known by the rest of the world as Wienerschnitzel), just because we were eating dinner at that time. Experiencing all this, I just get pulled back all the way to my childhood. Plus, seeing my daughter and my nephew do the same stuff I did when I was a kid… There is that tunnel on the way to the town center and every kid I know just has to start yelling and hear the echo respond. Eating ice-cream. Collecting sticks and stones in the park. Joy. +358 405 067 929