family documentary

Family session with me is a wonderful, unscripted and organic experience.

It’s all about artistically documenting who you are and uncovering your family’s story in it’s unstaged beauty. How your daughter sticks out the tip of her tongue when she is concentrating on something. How your baby doesn’t have knee-caps (you won’t even notice… one day BAM! knee caps are there). How your dog sneaks out on the kids to steal their food. How you are feeding the baby and the older sibling runs around making faces, trying to get his share of attention. Those tiny things that make your family unique.

I will not say “cheese”. Not “muikku” either. Instead I will encourage you NOT to look at the camera.

I will not tell you where to stand or what to wear. Instead, I will encourage you to let your kids dress themselves and be goofy.

I will not ask you to clean up. Instead, I will focus my lens and attention on capturing the real story of the wonderful family you are.

Depending on what you want to capture, you can choose between the three types of documentary sessions. They differ in how long they are, what products are available and how many locations you can include.

snippet of life | €500

A budget option, celebrating life’s smallest moments. Choose this session for documenting those mommy and baby days of maternity leave, kids’ developmental milestones or short family activities.


One hour
1 location
Your story compiled as a photo essay in a 20 page soft cover book


slice of life | €800

Choose this session to document a longer story. Perfect for bringing the new baby home, birthday parties, picnics, short adventures, holiday trips.


Two hours
One location
Your story in a custom-designed hard-cover, layflat 20 page album


day in life | €1200

Documenting your life in more depth. Select multiple activities, two or more locations. Perfect for families who are facing bigger changes in their life, like moving from their current home.

Four hours
Two locations
Your story in a custom-designed hard-cover, layflat 40 page album