Flower buds

Visiting a house where a newborn lives is like stepping into a different universe. Quiter, milkier, softer. Huggier. Light seems to cuddle the tiny feet.

Newborns are amazing creatures. I’m not sure how to best describe it, but let me try… It’s quite clear that when you look at a newborn baby the most distinct personality traits are already visible. But not fully. Newborns resemble flower buds for they are soft, vulnerable and require nourishing. But nothing in the world will change what that flower bud is. It will become what it already is, it’s decided. The person he will become is there, in the small body 100% depended on those who love him. But it’s not all visible and you will only recognize these personality traits in hindsight, looking back. Each new day reveals a little bit more of the character. Tiny bits. How he looks at people, how he reacts to new environments. Small things, tiny beads on the complex chain of what makes a person. One small bead after another. Until one day you look closely at your preschooler, see how curious, funny and brave he is… and you realize that he has always been like this. That you always knew him as that person, you just didn’t know how to name it yet.

Introducing Kippo, the little flower bud of a human and Marica, person who nourishes him with love, milk and cuddles. Cannot wait to see who will he become.

These lovely photos were taken as part of new type of session designed especially for families with newborn babies (vastasyntyneen kuvaus, vauvakuvaus). It’s a 2 hour shoot where I follow the family and document some everyday routines- feeding, nappy change etc. All the small things that change slowly, invisibly and are so rarely documented. I also take a few more “formal” portraits of the new family member. These are very, very natural. No funny hats, bows or unnatural poses. Just the baby because I think newborns are beautiful as they are 🙂

You can read more about my philosophy of photographing families here.

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