Lluvia and Gael


“Isn’t it funny how day by day nothing changes, but when you look back everything is different.”

C.S. Lewis

My thoughts on maternity leave exactly. We are lucky to have pretty long maternity leave in Finland, it’s almost one year. When we are home with our babies each day might seem the same. Yet they change imperceptibly, and we only see it when we look back. In the morning Dad and Big Sister leave to work and preschool. Silence sets in. The time that Moms spent at home is filled with other family members’ invisible presence. Big Sis’ scattered toys, Hub’s guitar. But it’s just Mom, Baby and Quiet Times. Gazing into Baby’s eyes, tummy time, drinking cold coffee, trying to cook dinner and catching up with friends over social networks. Mandatory stepping onto said scattered toys and mumbling something about teaching kids to keep their toys in one place (which never happens). Sooner than we know it, we go back to work and those wonderful (and sometimes annoying) moments are gone. And they are so rarely captured.


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