And baby makes five

I think this worry hits every parent expecting their second baby. Do I have enough love? Will I have to subtract love from the older child before I can love the baby? Turns out human heart is teeny bit magical and we grossly underestimate it. See, it has pockets. Tiny pockets filled with love. As soon as the child is born (or sooner actually) parent’s heart grows a pocket that holds all the love for her. And when a new baby is on her way a new pocket appears and fills with love. And so it goes. Love multiplies. So when the third baby comes around, they are no longer worried, for they already know there will be a new pocket filled with love. So they are all at ease (oh well, at least about that part).

First it was the two of them- Anna and Renato. She from North, he from South. Hearts filled with love, overflowing. Two. A black-and-white goofy dog joined them in life adventures. Shortly after arrived Yuni, sweet baby girl with black locks and eyes like two pieces of dark chocolate. Three. Soon they are expecting a second baby girl. New pockets in their hearts are filling with love for Yara. Four. And then Leon arrives and makes five with his tiny feet and toothless smile.

This is a small snippet from their “Day in life” session.

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