Elias’ birth | Finland birth photographer | synnytys valokuvaaja

I’m honored and humbled that Elias’ parents invited me to be a part of their experience and allowed me to share their story. It’s a story of courage, love and support. I could share the logbook of this birth, but sometimes images tell so much more…

This is first time I’m sharing a full birth photography slideshow. To the best of my knowledge this is the first time in Finland birth photography was done this way.  Big thank you to H&J and wonderful midwives of Naistenklinikka for being so open and giving other parents the option to understand what birth photography is. It’s the kind of photography that you really have to see to understand it. Brace yourself. Prepare some Kleenex, put speakers on and just… watch.

Images shared with the permission of parents and hospital staff.

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